About Ray Parks

Ray Parks was born is Long Island, New York in 1954.  His earliest childhood memory is painting with oils with his mother Alice, in her New York studio.  is parents moved to the Detroit vicinity and Ray attended numerous universities for artistic studies in Michigan.  He completed his education with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Architecture from Lawrence University in 1979.

During his college years, Ray won several local and state awards for painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. In 1976, Ray was given his first show for his work in ceramics and that same year won a national award in photography from Nikon.  As a young art student, Ray first visited Big Sur in 1977 and found the place so inspiring he vowed to live on the Monterey Peninsula someday.

After graduating in 1979, Ray moved to Carmel and worked with a few local architectural firms, in design and illustration.  In 1986, Ray opened his own architectural firm in Carmel which won a number of local and a few national awards in architecture and is still operating here today.

Everyday is spent designing, sketching, or drawing on the Monterey Peninsula just as he vowed he would.